PR & Communications in Yorkshire. Cream Consultancy.
  • Commercially Smart

    Intuitive and knowledgeable

  • Driven By Simplicity

    PR and Communication shouldn’t be complex

  • Guided By Integrity

    Honest, respectful and transparent

  • Consistently Effective

    We always strive for excellence

  • Fun To Work With (And For!)

    We love what we do

  • “This is *exactly* the kind of piece I was after – so powerful, and beautifully written – thank you! I am looking forward to publishing it, and I hope it will have an impact.”

    Helen Mulley, Editor, Teach Secondary, Teach Reading & Writing, Technology & Innovation magazines
  • “We were impressed by Cream’s ability to quickly grasp what Redfern is all about and what we’re hoping to achieve in the coming months.”

    Mark Bowers, CEO, Redfern
  • We’ve worked with Cream since 2015, and have always been impressed with their committed and straightforward approach.

    Craig Such, Managing Director at Azzure IT
  • “Cream are fantastic. Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber work very closely with Cream and can’t shout about them enough.”

    Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber