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Steetley Corner Group
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The Leeming Building, Leeds
  • “This is *exactly* the kind of piece I was after – so powerful, and beautifully written – thank you! I am looking forward to publishing it, and I hope it will have an impact.”

    Helen Mulley, Editor, Teach Secondary, Teach Reading & Writing, Technology & Innovation magazines
  • “We were impressed by Cream’s ability to quickly grasp what Redfern is all about and what we’re hoping to achieve in the coming months.”

    Mark Bowers, CEO, Redfern
  • “We’ve worked with Cream since 2015, and have always been impressed with their committed and straightforward approach.”

    Craig Such, Managing Director at Azzure IT
  • “Cream’s straightforward, no nonsense approach has been vital to our PR activity since 2015. Their ability to discover stories and execute these to a variety of audiences continues to impress.”

    James Harding-Terry, MD of Steetley Corner Group
  • “Cream’s enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism has been outstanding from the start, and their expertise in media relations was fundamental to reaching key influencers across the globe.”

    Victoria Southgate, head of communications at Spacebit