5 Simple PR Tips

Are you a small business owner looking to hire your first PR expert? Or are you simply curious about PR and its potential impact for companies? Whatever the reason behind your interest in PR, it can be tricky to make the right first move. To help, here are Cream’s Top 5 simple tips to get started with PR.

1. Get the Right People
This is the same for any area of a company, but especially for PR and communications roles. You will need to hire an experienced professional communicator, who has a portfolio of quality work. As our last blog shows, the fallout from a poor appointment can be catastrophic and highly embarrassing for your brand.

2. Embrace Social Media
This piece of advice is applicable for every type of enterprise. Whether a multi-national company or an independent passion project, it is now essential to have a presence across most major social media channels. Facebook and Twitter are especially useful but are by no means the only two options. Remember to monitor and analyse data to understand your audience’s behaviour – this way you can ensure you tailor your posts to your audience’s activity and interests.

3. Clear and Consistent Communication
Keeping up good quality content is a necessity. So many businesses start blogs with good intentions then don’t ever update them again! You will need to carefully schedule your posts and then share them via social media. Make sure your content is good quality to keep readers engaged. Clear and consistent communication will help you to explain your brand and might even result in a loyal following.

4. Keep it relevant
Be authentic and post only what’s interesting and relevant to your audience – whether you’re blogging, drafting press releases or scheduling social media posts. There’s a lot of news online and yours will disappear without trace if it’s dull or irrelevant.

5. Quality
Your PR output must be good quality. To achieve this you must do two things – know your audience and their interests and also write well about original ideas. If, once you have built an audience, you can consistently write quality content which targets their interests then you will quickly find you have a large and loyal following.

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Joseph Scott

Account Executive
After many years studying the English language, Joseph now enjoys playing and crafting with it as he begins a career in PR. But he’ll still usually be found with his head in a book and learning new tricks.

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