Why A Flexible and Nurturing Approach to Business Pays Off

Cream was this week shortlisted for a Mumpreneur Award, which has delighted all the parents in the office who spend their days flitting between work and children.

The annual ceremony is aimed at celebrating parents throughout the UK who manage the difficult task of juggling business with family life.

Cream has been shortlisted for the Best Start Up award which recognises British companies which have created the biggest impact in the shortest space of time.

As well as being shortlisted for this category, Elizabeth and Jane are also in with a chance of winning the title of Inspirational Business Mum 2013, awarded to the mum who is an inspiration to all women in business.

As our PR manager Lucy has written this blog from home with a sick child off school, it’s great to have recognition for working parents and the daily dashing around they do.

And it got us thinking that everyone needs a helping hand once in a while, whether it’s bringing up kids or helping your business grow.

When a child is ill we need a sympathetic boss and a grandparent who can help out. And when a business is faltering, we need support in just the same way.

So if you feel overwhelmed, over-worked and in need of a helping hand, it’s time to bring in the cavalry.

Start by finding your local Chamber of Commerce and business clubs. They’re an ideal way to get support, whether it’s through face to face get-togethers or through online forums such as Linked In.

Check out any networking groups – Barnsley Digital Media Centre hosts a great one on the second Tuesday of the month – and think about joining a trade organisation or subscribing to some industry magazines.

Finally, get off the treadmill and spend an hour thinking what kind of help your company needs? Would PR support bring in new clients? Do you need extra members of staff? Or take a look at grants and funding avenues if it’s a cashflow problem.

Nurturing your business is very similar to having a child – we all need help wrangling with them from time to time, it’s just a case of having a superb network on standby to back you up.