Winning Strategies for Barnsley Social Enterprise
Team ACtiv

Team Activ

Case Study

“I get regular media coverage, including TV and radio, and I’ve won dozens of awards including one from the Daily Telegraph. The team has helped me identify how to package and describe my business and how to raise its profile. As a result of our vastly increased profile, Team Activ now works with all secondary schools in Barnsley, half of all the primary schools in the borough and is extending successfully into Wakefield.”

Darren Padgett, Founder, Team Activ

The Brief

Not for profit sporting organisation Team Activ needed a lively PR agency which shared its vision. We were appointed to build the Team Activ brand and help it connect and engage with its audiences, including teachers, politicians and parents.

Cream's Approach

We brought Team Activ’s passion of fitness and sport to life through media interviews, professional photography and video. We introduced Team Activ to journalists, wrote a suite of award entries and helped organise fundraising events.


Team Activ’s profile increases daily. Its founder, Darren Padgett, has been asked to advise government ministers on physical education policy and in just a couple of years has become a regular contributor to the BBC. The organisation has won a string of top awards including a national award organised by The Daily Telegraph. In five years’ time, Darren plans to work with schools nationwide and be a national champion for making children fit for life.