DELIVITA Launches DOUGH TO GO for Pizza Perfection

Up and coming lifestyle brand DELIVITA has launched a delicious fresh organic pizza dough range that’s delivered straight to your door.

DELIVITA’s flagship product is a hand-crafted fibreglass wood-fired oven and now the brand’s founders have launched the complementary home-delivery DOUGH TO GO range.

DOUGH TO GO contains only natural ingredients and is hand-made then freshly frozen to ensure that creating the perfect pizza is both quick and easy. You can also make bread sticks, flatbreads and bread.

The organic dough is hand-made with pink Himalayan salt, purified water and organic flour and is made to a 100-year old recipe by members of the Pillitteri family based in the UK.

Joe Formisano, of DELIVITA, said: “Many have tried to master the art of pizza but the traditional methods of dough preparation have been neglected over time. Making a good dough with just the right amount of stretch can be tricky but DOUGH TO GO is a simple, hassle free way to create the perfect, authentic Neapolitan pizza every time.”

DOUGH TO GO also supplies gluten-free pre-rolled dough which comes with its own tray so customers with intolerances can be confident their pizza doesn’t get cross contaminated during the cooking process

Each frozen organic dough ball weighs 200g and each makes a deliciously authentic 12” pizza. A Family Pack of 12 doughs cost £30 and a Pizza Party Pack of 40 doughs is £70 with free delivery.

“DELIVITA aims to blend Italian style and cuisine,” added Joe, whose previous experience includes senior sales roles at well-known brands like Mamas & Papas and Shark Ninja.

“Our hand-crafted wood-fired is the best way to cook our DOUGH TO GO range but it will also taste delicious in a conventional oven.

“We hope to inspire a passion for outdoor cooking and entertaining. The wood-fired oven comes in four colours and can also be colour matched to any Pantone shade bringing a splash of colour to the garden, balcony or patio.”

DELIVITA’s sleek wood-fired ovens weigh 30kg, are portable and can be used in the garden, taken camping or to a friends’ house.

A DELIVITA cover protects from frost and temperatures of -12°C. The oven retails at £950.

Like DOUGH TO GO, the DELIVITA is delivered to customer’s door, can be placed in situ and all packaging taken away. Visit

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