Facebook’s New Update Could Affect You

Facebook has a new update coming – and this is one you’ll really want to think about.

It’s long been known Facebook dislikes people posting links or content which directs its users away from its own network, with posts often struggling to appear in newsfeeds and consequently, engagement dwindling.

Facebook’s new update will see a more structured approach to this challenge – It will now start to favour links to fast-loading mobile websites in newsfeeds.

Now, most pages won’t see a considerable difference to their distribution in the news feed, however, Facebook itself said: “Webpages that are particularly slow could see a decrease in referral traffic.”

With 40% of people now abandoning a site if it fails to load within 3 seconds, it makes sense for Facebook to penalise websites which load slowly and aren’t mobile friendly – just like Google did last year.

From a business point of view, this has two implications:

  • Do you need to update your website? Quite simply, if your website isn’t up to scratch you’re going to miss out on referrals. Facebook has quite handily provided a guide on how to improve mobile site performances. But for us, there’s a few things you can check straight away:
    • Photos. One of the top causes of a slow-load. Photos for websites don’t need to be any bigger than 72dpi and 500kb. Get the photo as small as possible without compromising quality.
    • Content. We’re a lover of words at Cream, but for homepages the less wording the better – link to pages such as blogs where your visitors can read extended information. Whilst we’re talking about content – updating your website regularly is also a good house-cleaning tip.
    • Cleanse. Regularly check your website for outdated content. Not only is a regular refresh good for SEO but having a lot of content on your site can make it load slower. More content. More time to load.
  • Do you need to update your social media strategy? If your Facebook page shares links – you now need to be confident the links go to credible, fast-loading sites. Whilst you have no control over the site speed, you can ensure the sites you’re linking to are top notch.
    • Research. Build a list of the top web pages for your industry. Titles such as The Manufacturer, Practical Fishkeeping and Business Travel lead the way in their industry, so you can be assured their sites are well maintained.
    • Plan. Facebook stressed that ‘meaningful and relevant content’ remains the most important factor for gaining exposure in the newsfeed. Making sure you provide original content on the site is obviously key – but linking to a blog on your website is also an added bonus.
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