Fall Back In Love With Your Brand

Running a business can often feel like floating in an untethered hot-air balloon. Will you look over the side to see that you are in-fact a fair few vertical miles away from where you want to be? Do you imagine your target audience looking up at the speck of you with bemused uninterest?

The key to reclaiming a sense of control is to fall back in love with your brand. Your brand is the anchor which keeps the business steady, attracts and retains customer loyalty. Here are five ways to get your branding back on track:

1. Spruce up your website. It looked great when you first had your website designed…but that was in 2010. Give your branding a 2018 makeover!

2. Invest in killer content. The first bite is with the eye but remember content remains king. Post regular blogs which support the core tenets of your brand.

3. Hit social media. Create your own hashtag to decorate your social media for the next few months. Make it catchy, make it snappy, and make it tie in with the branding.

4. Networking. Get out there and push your branding in person. Hand out the new batch of business cards and make lasting impressions on your business neighbours.

5. Deliver. Nothing supports a brand like a proven track record of results. Follow-up your promises with consistent good work which retains clients and attracts new business.

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Joseph Scott

Account Executive
After many years studying the English language, Joseph now enjoys playing and crafting with it as he begins a career in PR. But he’ll still usually be found with his head in a book and learning new tricks.

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