My First Month in PR

This month, Cream are reminding us all that you never stop learning. This has been especially true for me as August was my first month in PR. Safe to say it’s been a steep learning curve!

After graduating in July, I joined the ranks of young adults tentatively making their first steps in the job market. I quickly decided to make use of my new English Language and Literature degree in the Public Relations sector and applied for the intern role offered by Cream. I was offered the job and before I knew it I was catapulted from the lie-ins, late nights and scant deadlines of student life into the world of PR.

The transition to the real world was made easier for me by Cream’s new premises being in the centre of Leeds, my university city. Indeed, I still live in the student area of Hyde Park with my postgrad-studying friends – I’m sure I’ll regret this decision come Freshers week.

In my role as intern I had a list of regular duties which kept me busy while I found my feet in the office. I assisted each member of the team with bits of writing, cataloguing and client liaison as and when the need arose.

As the month went on, I was afforded increasing responsibility as well as becoming involved in some of Cream’s campaigns.

I am now really getting stuck in to client work and I am excited for my growing role in the team. I’m still learning new things each day but I feel like I’ve grown in confidence over the past month and am hopefully acquitting myself well.

There was good news for me at the end of August when, after three and a half weeks of my internship, I was offered a full-time role as a PR Account Executive. It was a relief to secure a full-time position and I was glad I had proven myself worthy to be a permanent part of Cream.

Now I can look forward to my time at Cream and concentrate on establishing my PR career.

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Joseph Scott

Account Executive
After many years studying the English language, Joseph now enjoys playing and crafting with it as he begins a career in PR. But he’ll still usually be found with his head in a book and learning new tricks.

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