General Election 2017 – Corbyn Vs. Buzzfeed

There’s been a lot wrong with Labour’s communications lately. From the days of #TrainGate to the more recently leaked manifesto, I’ve been left scratching my head.

Following an interview with Jeremy Corbyn, Buzzfeed published the news that Corbyn would “stay on as leader of this party” if Labour lost the election

Labour says Corbyn was misreported and Buzzfeed has now been banned from all future press events.

Labour also complained that Buzzfeed didn’t reveal its intended headline before the article was published.

The matter was settled when Buzzfeed released the recording and transcript of the interview in question. There’s a lesson to be learned from this sorry communications mess – if you’re going to deny something then make sure the conversation hasn’t been recorded.

From my very first days in the communications industry I was taught about understanding audiences. Labour has a clear advantage with young voters. Indeed, if just 30% more people under 25 turn out to vote – the chances are Labour would win.

Buzzfeed is aimed at younger generations – 50% of its audience is aged 18-34. Sorry Jeremy but banning Buzzfeed from all future press calls is silly move.

How do you expect to reach a target audience if you’ve banned one of the key communication channels?

Guess it’s back to Snapchat for you, Jeremy.


Amendment: It now seems Labour has seen sense and allowed Buzzfeed access.


Picture via Flickr. Public Domain. 

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