The Geofilter is Snapchat’s Great Innovation

I resisted Snapchat for a long time when it first became popular during my A levels. I didn’t believe sending a picture would substitute for a text and I was sure my friends would soon get sick of the app. I don’t think I have ever been more wrong.

Fast forward five years to the present day, and my 14 year-old cousin tells me Snapchat is now the primary method of communication between her school friends. The introduction of ‘Snapstreaks’ adds an addictiveness to the app which has caused near hysteria in some cases.

The most important innovation on the app for businesses, however, are Snapchat’s geofilters. A geofilter is a twist on the innumerable filters with which Snapchat users can decorate or distort their pictures – the difference is that a geofilter is paid for and limited to one geographical location. For example, in the Cream office we are able to pick up a Kirkgate Market and Briggate geofilters.

Many businesses now pay for a geographically specific Snapchat filter for their premises, which customers and passers-by can apply to their own snaps for a bit of invaluable publicity. It is an easy way to spread the message of your brand and appeal to a youthful demographic.

One type of institution which has already caught on to the geofilter is the university. When I worked at The University of Leeds open days this summer, we made sure to publicise that we had our own geofilter for the day. Indeed, a story emerged this summer that some universities were targeting prospective clearing students through Snapchat.

The introduction of the geofilter has introduced a fresh dimension to Snapchat which has a habit of successfully reinventing itself. This innovation is a great tool for businesses as some have already discovered.

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