Managing Expectations with Better Communication

It can be hard as a service provider to explain your worth to a client, when the thing being purchased is your time and knowledge as opposed to a more tangible object.

And when you’re selling something which isn’t as clear as black and white, you leave yourself open to interpretation and that’s where relationships often break down.

There is of course a clear answer – better communication.

It’s vital you start any business relationship as you mean to go on. If you think the client’s expectations are unrealistic then now’s the time to say so. If, as a client, your agency isn’t speaking your language, let them know.

That’s why we developed Cream Explore – our innovative approach to help clients explore and pinpoint where they need to be, and how to get them there.

We delve deep in to our clients’ business, leaving no stone unturned before creating a detailed strategy.

It’s at this point we make it very clear what we can do for a client, we break down costs so they know exactly what they’re paying for and how we’ll report back to them.

We’ll discuss a standard client agreement; what we expect from them in terms of sign off and gathering information and what they can expect from us when it comes to turnaround times.

Being a Yorkshire agency we tell it like it is – which in the world of PR can be pretty rare. But that’s the way we get results and that’s what works well for our clients too.

Communication shouldn’t be complicated. By keeping communication clear and concise you’ll have the basis for a good working relationship. Keep it simple and open from the start and the rest will follow.

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Chloe Staniforth

Account Manager
Despite growing up dreaming of becoming a maths teacher, Chloe swapped numbers for letters and is enjoying the variety of writing styles which come with a career in PR.

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