5 Reasons why small businesses should invest in PR

As Bill Gates famously said: “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR.”

From a campaign that sparked a social change, to a viral video viewed by millions, to a trending hashtag shared globally, great and clever PR has a profound impact.

Smart PR can transform a small, unknown brand into a household name. The power of PR- the power of words- can do a lot.

But it’s important to note that PR isn’t a one hit wonder – it’s a process for businesses who want to see their brand grow and thrive.

But how do you know when the time is right, and what do you want to achieve?

Read our guide below on the five most common reasons why businesses should make the move to invest.

You have a great story to tell, but no one to listen

Your business can’t be a cookie cutter copy of what’s already out there. Customers buy into your story as much as your product or service and it’s the personal touches that stick.

Did your great, great grandfather found and grow the business from a tiny market stall? Did the business survive war and recession to get where it is today? Was the business a childhood dream come true or a late-life ‘crisis’ turned commodity?

Fascinating stories – but no one to sit and listen? Whether it’s blogs, releases or social posts, PR can spread the word, and get people talking about you and your brand.

You have a launch coming up, but no one knows 

Got a great product and a launch date set (with plenty of time to spare mind!), but scared no one will show up to the party?

PR can lay the groundwork by crafting content, building media relationships and planning your outreach. As long as there’s ample time to plan, PR can set things in motion for a successful launch.

You have things to say, but can’t get your voice heard

As founder or director of your business you’ve got stacks of knowledge, insightful comments on current events and plenty to blog about but you don’t have the time or the resources to get your voice heard.

The authenticity, energy and passion of the founder is what makes a business unique- think Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs. By building media relationships, and keeping a keen eye out for media opportunities, PR can give you a platform to say what’s on your mind, while getting your brand noticed along the way.

Your competitors are stealing all the column inches

You see your competitors splashed all over the news, snagging headline after headline.  Their product might not necessarily be as good as yours, or their service as top notch, but their voice is louder; they’ve harnessed the power of PR.

And if you have stories to tell, news to share, new products to launch, and the desire to claw back a few well-deserved column inches, you can too.

Your social media posts are falling flat

If you’re sharing and retweeting but tumbleweeds are blowing, it may be time to consider investing in social media management.

PR’s can schedule posts weeks in advance, respond to customer queries in a moment’s notice and monitor analytics to find out just what makes your stakeholders tick- a recipe for social media success.

Get in touch today to find out how PR can support your business ambitions. 01226 883700 or info@creamconsultancy.co.uk 


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