Sharpen Up Your PR Skills This September

At some point in spring 1995 I remember officially ending my “education”, writes Cream director Jane.

I’d passed my driving test, graduated a couple of years previously and qualified as a journalist after a two year apprenticeship. I can clearly remember thinking (quite joyfully) that I wouldn’t have to study ever again.

How wrong I was. The reality is that you never stop studying; you never stop learning.

Why? Because life keeps on evolving. Times change and we must change too if we’re going to make the most of opportunity, whether that’s in our careers or personally.

The online world we now live in has been a total game-changer and we’re living in times of constant change.

It’s for this reason that we’re launching a campaign at Cream called PR School. The idea is to encourage business owners and employees to review their communication skills and competencies.

September is a month of new starts, so what better time to ask ourselves what we need to learn, how we can brush up our skills and how we can be the best versions of ourselves?

As members of the Chartered Institute for Public Relations, the team at Cream follows an enriched programme of Continuous Professional Development. Not all industries offer the same opportunity, so if you’d like to polish your PR skills or sharpen your strategic thinking then keep an eye on Cream’s social media in the coming month.

We’ll be offering tips, advice and free one-to-one consultations at our offices in central Leeds.

We’d love to help you keep on learning. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for more information in the next month.


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Jane Whitham

Lexophile, philographer or just a lover of words? Jane has been fascinated by words ever since she realised, aged nine, that a well crafted letter of complaint to Heinz resulted in a stack of vouchers. She still loves beans too.

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