Why Spring is Perfect for Investing in PR

Spring has finally sprung and as the chicks hatch and daffodils grow what better time for your business to start a new chapter in its growth?

Everything comes to life in spring, and business is no exception. If your business is ready to come out of hibernation and prepare for growth read our tips on how PR could help:

  • Building your brand. Brand is not a logo – it is your personality, a feeling and everything you stand for. When asked to describe your business in one sentence would you staff say the same as you? Strong communication builds a strong brand.
  • Increase sales. PR supports, not substitutes your sales department – how much easier could it be to convert a sale if the customer is already well aware of you and your business? Through awards, opinion pieces and storytelling PR can cement you as the expert in your field.
  • Raising prices. Brand value gives you a competitive advantage. PR can explain why your service/product is worth more, develop and strengthen customer loyalty and ultimately increase demand and desirability.
  • Attract and retain staff. Your staff are your business – good PR can help them communicate the same messages as you. It can help position you as the company to work for which makes recruitment easier.
  • Increase value. Brand is a tangible asset which can be worth millions. PR can build brand equity, increasing a company’s valuation as well as raising interest among potential buyers.
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Chloe Staniforth

Account Manager
Despite growing up dreaming of becoming a maths teacher, Chloe swapped numbers for letters and is enjoying the variety of writing styles which come with a career in PR.

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