Tackling Silly Season 2017

As August approaches, it feels like everyone is off to sunnier climes. The phones are much quieter and emails dwindle.

Welcome to silly season.

The annual event when the media, in the absence of any real news, tends to fill spaces with more amusing stories – those which probably wouldn’t get a look in at any other point in the year.

It’s well-known that news dries up in the summer. Which means there’s no better time to get your news out.

There’s less competition, journalists are more open to suggestions and your press release is more likely to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s our top tips to making the most of the silly season:

  1. Keep it real. Any press release you distribute should still pass the ‘so what’ test. It may be a slow news week, but don’t damage your reputation and relationships with journalists by issuing something with no news angle.
  2. Think outside the box. Now could be the perfect time to be quirky and talk about something a little left field. If you’re going to approach something with humour, just make sure people are laughing with you and not at you.
  3. Get snap happy. Photos are everything at any time of the year. In August, your striking photo could be the difference between your news being used or a story about someone trapped in an ATM.
  4. Don’t forget online. The fast changing world of online news means outlets are constantly looking for great stories, even more so if the new agenda is slow. Do your research across all outlets.
  5. Hire help. Ok, we had to put this one in, but to tackle silly season you may want to consider hiring an agency (or freelancer). Running a business through summer can be a difficult task, particularly for SMEs, as employees pop off on their jollies which can leave you exposed in certain areas. If you’re struggling for time, speak to someone who’ll have your back and help. DM us or drop us an email at info@creamconsultancy.co.uk.
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