Top Tips for Making the Most of Social Media

Nothing has changed the world so completely as social media has over the last 15 years. Its dominance is down to its potential to connect and inform, and as such it is the perfect tool for spreading your business’s message. Here are our top tips for you to make the most out of social media.

Know Your Audience
Make sure your posts are relevant to your audience and come across as authentic. Get your message right, echo your company’s tone and, if you’re posting in a personal capacity let your personality shine through.

Once your message is clear, you will need to deliver it consistently. I mean this in both senses; be consistent in the amount you post and don’t lose focus of what you are communicating. Consistency is the key way to cultivate a solid base of followers and ensure engagement.

Use Pictures
It is a well-known fact that posts with pictures receive far greater engagement than those without. Using pictures with your posts helps grab attention and can turn a generic account into a friendly and personal one. Forge a connection with your followers through sharing pictures of you and your team.

To position yourself in the right space on social media you’ll to carefully target accounts to follow. This will give you access to the kind of posts you seek to emulate and will put you in touch with people you want to reach. Make sure to trawl through the follower list for those accounts to find your target audience.

Follow Back
At heart, social media is a device for building online communities. When somebody reaches out to you then respond. This includes following back, responding to comments and reciprocating likes. If your account is engaged in the social media community, then others are more likely to engage with it. In a nutshell, be sociable!

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