It’s the time of year where strange things happen. With ghoulish goings on, it’s no wonder October has been full of spooky PR.

We take a look at which campaigns have been a trick or a treat this past month:

Surprisingly, we think the claim for the PR Hero title has been particularly difficult this month. We’ve been blessed with plenty of treats, but our crown goes to Burger King and it’s fantastic anti-bullying campaign.

It had teenagers acting out scenarios where someone was being bullied in a Burger King restaurant full of people – a real pity that the majority ignored the situation.

The company went one step further and served up ‘bullied’ burgers to unsuspecting customers. Burgers which have been mashed up and pulled to pieces. Shockingly, more people complained about their damaged burgers than stood up for the person being bullied.

A bold campaign released for National Bullying Prevention Month, ticked all the PR boxes for us. With excellent delivery, as well as carefully planned and clear messages, this campaign was truly thought provoking.

It had all the makings of a good ‘viral’ campaign and rightly gained the attention of celebrities including Kim Kardashian who shared it with her Twitter followers.

Other contenders this month included: #MeToo, a campaign with meaning and traction. Ford and its social campaign celebrating it becoming legal for Saudi women to drive and Legoland’s freebie (if you have a certain name) also caught our attention.

Where there’s good. There must be bad. That leads us to our PR Fail of the month: A mis-timed tweet from Prue Leith hours before the Bake Off final is hard to overlook and rightly lands Prue in our PR bad books.

Whether it was time difference confusion or a badly scheduled tweet, no excuse is good enough to save Prue after she named the winner of this year’s Great British Bake Off – 12 hours early!

In a statement after her tweet, Prue apologised and said she was ‘mortified’ by her error. Me too Prue, me too.

A second in social media is a really long time… so remember to check, check and check again to avoid breaking the nation’s hearts.

Our other PR Fail shout out goes to Dove and its incredibly ill-judged lotion campaign. Do you agree with this month’s heroes and villains? Let us know…


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