What’s The Difference Between SEO and PR?

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results” – Moz.

To do this you must understand your audience. Listen to what they say, how they say it and where they’re saying it. Create relevant content which answers these questions and then build and nurture the relationship.

That’s PR.

The undeniable fact is that thanks to Google, PR and SEO are now inextricably linked and to do the best possible job on one means that to some extent you must employ key tactics of the other.

Recent updates such as Panda and Penguin have seen a greater emphasis placed on quality content which not only gives people a reason to visit your site but generates links from reputable websites.

Content such as news articles, interviews, reviews and opinion pieces.

And that’s where the difference comes in.

Gaining coverage across a range of sites is something PR agencies do daily. But they do it with key messages, brand values and target audiences in mind.

At Cream, we have more than 40 years-experience in PR and communication. We’re qualified practitioners who abide by the CIPR code of conduct. That’s how we can boost your online presence without damaging your credibility.

Then there’s technical SEO which includes improving your page speed, optimising images and intense back end work. Because when you get people to your site – you need to be able to keep them there.

There is of course a generous middle ground where PR and SEO compliment one another, allowing PR to remain PR and let SEO specialists deal with the technical ins and outs.

To provide a truly integrated approach SEO and digital PR go hand in hand. Ultimately this will deliver stand out results and long term client relationships – something which do have to be truly earned!

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Chloe Staniforth

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Despite growing up dreaming of becoming a maths teacher, Chloe swapped numbers for letters and is enjoying the variety of writing styles which come with a career in PR.

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